Workspace Management


What is a "Workspace"?

CyStack Web Security allows each account to manage multiple websites in a Websites list, and also allows multiple accounts to manage the same Websites list in what called a Workspace.

Simply put, imagine a house with multiple rooms locked with keys, each room have its own equipment, and each house members have the keys to several rooms given by the house owner. Then think of the websites as the equipment, each Workspace as a room, your system as the house and the accounts as the house members. (The only different is a specific equipment - website - can belong to multiple rooms - workspace).

Workspace Settings


This feature allows customers to manage the current Workspace, such as changing the name, description, type, as well as manage team members with different roles (Owner/Member). Each working group has its own catalog of Websites, with large systems this will make the process of managing and allocating resources more convenient.

Create a new Workspace

Create new

Customers can create a new Workgroup by clicking on the account name / Workspace name in the top right corner and selecting Create a new Workspace.

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