Notice: These packages are applied to each website instead of account. Each account can manage multiple websites with multiple different packages.


Quick Scan

  • Pay per scan: $8.99/scan. Each scan applies to one domain or IP address, excluding any subdomain (if any)
  • Including full Vulnerability Scanning features, allowing email alerts, exporting PDF reports and receiving vulnerability remediation support via email.
  • After accessing in new window, customers will be able to fill in the domain name, login and verify ownership to start using Quick Scan.

Deep Scan

  • Pay per month, $65/website/month, with unlimited scans.
  • Including all Quick Scan features and allows group creating and managing, collaboration software integration, vulnerability remediation support via email and chat.


  • Pay per month, $390/domain/month with unlimited scans for root domain and up to 500 subdomains.
  • Including all Deep Scan features and allows:
    • Security monitoring for websites with up to 500 subdomains, for web applications, APIs, IPs, etc.
    • Automatically finding subdomains and perform security assessment for them.
    • Defense against Subdomain Takeover attacks
    • Periodically performing security assessment and reporting.
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