Websites list

Websites list

A list of websites that the customer has added to CyStack Web Security, with each Website the customer will be able to:

  • Manage Website information: the Websites interface will show information such as

    • Website name
    • Type: Domain or IP address
    • The time that Website had been added to CyStack Web Security
    • Plan: the package that Website is using
    • Number of subdomain found
    • The last time that Website had been scanned
    • Number of vulnerabilities that are Open
  • Perform actions by clicking on the three dots in the Action column you can

Website detailed information:

Websites details

Clicking on the Website name in the first column will show the detailed information including

  • Summary: Name, ID, IP address, Operating system, Vulnerabilities by severity, etc.
  • Website plan: package information, number of Scans left, you can also buy more Scan or upgrade/renew packages here. If you're using Monitor package, you will also see the next billing date and number of sub-domain here.
  • Open ports, SSL Certificates status, Blacklist or Hacking status, etc. (Click on the topmost horizontal subfeature tabs to view more details).
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