Vulnerability Details


Customers can click on each vulnerability to view detailed information, including:

  • (1) Vulnerability name, HTML form without CSRF protection.
  • (2) Website Information: name, ID, IP address, etc.
  • (3) Vulnerability Information such as
    • ID (e.g. #6996)
    • Status
    • CWE evaluation and/or CVE: help customers understand the vulnerability better to find solutions to fix.
    • First found and last found
    • Traffics: click on View Details to show the captured request packages if there is any.
  • (4) Risk Information: Severity, CVSS v2 score, CVSS v2 Vector. These information can help customers with prioritizing the vulnerabilities.
  • (5) Summary: brief information about the vulnerability.
  • (6) Affected locations: domains or addresses being affected by the vulnerability.
  • (7) Insight: for better understanding of the vulnerability or attacking methods, etc.
  • (8) Solution: suggestions for customers to fix the vulnerability.
  • (9) See also: useful sources of information to research and fix the vulnerability.
  • (10) Output
  • (11) Port and Hosts: e.g. Port 443 on
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