Deal with discovered vulnerabilities

It is advisable to deal with all of your vulnerabilities as soon as possible, however if you have a large number of vulnerabilities then dealing with all of them at once will obviously be impossible, so you should start with the most important ones which can be exploited to harm your system or data. In the Vulnerabilities Management interface, you can see the first column "Severity" indicating the level of the vulnerabilities so you can prioritize more easily.

CyStack Web Security is a tool to help you discover and manage vulnerabilities, can not automatically fix or patch those vulnerabilities.

In case you need help with fixing the vulnerabilities, please contact CyStack.

  • After fixing a vulnerability, you can change the status of it from "Open" to "Fixed".
  • For those of which you identify as False Positive, or those vulnerabilities that you decide not to fix for some reason, you can change the status of it from "Open" to the "False Positive".
  • If you think a vulnerability's status is wrong or want to change it to another status, for example: from "Won't fix" to "Fixed", please follow the instructions below.

Change vulnerability status

From Vulnerabilities Management, go to the vulnerability you want to change, by browsing the list in the corresponding Status tab, or by using Filters and search.

Method 1

Change method 1

Click on the Status (in the last column) of the vulnerability and select the new status to finish.

Method 2

Change method 2

Click on the vulnerability to open details, and click on Status in the "Vulnerability Information" to change the status.

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