View Scan History

Access the Scans tab on the left to open the **Scan History*8.


In this part you can view the scans performed, including:

  • Column #: serial number of the scan, will also be included in the Title of the Notification Email when the Scan is completed.
  • Website Name and Address.
  • Status: Pending, Running, Completed, Stopping and Stopped.
  • Time created.
  • Most recently updated time.
  • Scheduled or Manual Scan On Demand.
  • Action: View Details or Delete Scan information.

View scan details

Details 1

Click on the eye button in the Actions column.

Details 2

The Scan details will be displayed, where customers can see the discovered information and issues of the website, including:

  • (1) Scan Summary: showing the Scan ID, scanned Website, Start time, how long did the scan take (Elapsed time). There's also an option to download the Scan Report by clicking on the "Download Report" button.
  • (2) Subdomain discovered: for website with Monitor package. Click on "View Details" to check the full list of subdomain.
  • (3) Number of ports open. Click on "View Details" to see the ports and also its protocol, service, products, version, etc.
  • (4) SSL certificates status. The number displayed here is the duration (in days) after which the SSL certification will expire. To check the full information of website's SSL Certificates, please click on "View Details".
  • (5) Domain blacklists. There are 9 databases in which Web Security will check if your domain appears in. Clicking on "View Details" will display the full list of those databases and you can see if any of them had blacklisted your domain.
  • (6) Hacking information. If Web Security finds any information regarding your website being hacked or having data leakage, it will be displayed here.
  • (7) Applications discovered. Click on "View Details" to see the full list.
  • (8) Vulnerabilities found. Arguably the most important part, showing a graph of found vulnerabilities by severity. Click on "View Details" will display the full list of vulnerabilities found in this particular scan. You can then click on the vulnerabilities to see more detailed information.
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