Members Management


This feature allows customers to manage the Workspace's members, who can access the CyStack Web Security to view, scan or access other features.

To access Members Management, please click on the Workspace Settings tab, then go to Members. In the feature's interface there are Name, Username and Role of every members in the current Workspace.

Add a member

Add Members

Add Members 2

To add a Member, click on the "Add member" button, enter the Email address or Username of that member into the popup dialog, then click "Add member".

Notice: That Member must have registered and login to CyStack Web Security, the Username here is the same as the CyStack ID username. Users can check their username in the Manage Account / General. See more about Manage Account here.

The member who created the Workspace will have the role of Owner by default, and each Workspace will only have one Owner. Other members after being added will have the role of Member

Delete a member

Delete Members

Delete Members

To remove a Member from the current Workspace, from the Members Management interface click on the Trash icon in the Actions column, then click Agree in the Confirm dialog.

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