About CyStack Web Security

CyStack Web Security is an automated cyber security monitoring and vulnerability scanning software solution that can detect the vulnerabilities of web applications, automatically detect subdomains and monitor the whole system, with an intuitive interface to help customers see the overview of the system’s security status.

Developed by CyStack’s team of experienced cybersecurity experts, using the latest scanning (fuzzing) technologies and our frequently updated vulnerability database, CyStack Web Security makes website security a breeze. Simple and effective.

CyStack Web Security is distributed under the Software as a Service model, provides Vulnerability Scanning, Security Monitoring, Asset Management, report exporting, and allows group and member management as well as vulnerability remediation support. These features are available in the product, customers can use the features corresponding to the package they choose, including the Monitoring package with full features or the Deep Scan and Quick Scan packages with limited features.

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