Buy more Scan or Upgrade Package

Each Website after being added for the first time to CyStack Web Security, customers will receive one Quick Scan for free. After using that if you want to buy more Scan or upgrade to another Package, or if you're using monthly packages and want to renew, please choose one of the following methods:

Method 1

Buy Scan 1

In Websites tab, click on the website name that you want to buy more scan or upgrade in the first column, the Website details will show, with the Website Package info panel on the right. Please click on "Buy Scan" or "Upgrade" (or "Renewal") to move to Checkout.

Method 2

Buy Scan 2

In Websites tab, click on the three dots in Action Column of the Website that you want o buy more scan or upgrade, then choose "Buy or upgrade" to move to Checkout.


Checkout 1

  • Buy more scan

    Checkout 2

    Select Quick Scan (Buy more scans) for $8.99/scan. Customers can also choose the number of scan to buy, up to 100 scans.

  • Upgrade to Deep Scan or Monitor package

    Checkout 3

    Choose a package and the Number of months in the menu, with 3 options such as 1 month, 6 months and 12 months.

Enter discount code

If you have any Discount code, you can use it in the Checkout by clicking on the "Have discount code?" and enter the code into the "Enter code" box.

After finishing, click on "Next" to move to Payment Information.

Payment Information

Payment 1

In the Payment Information, you can confirm the details of the Order and the Account information. Underneath are the payment methods, currently CyStack Web Security allows two methods: by Credit cards or by Domestic banks.

  • Pay with Credit card:

    Payment 2

    To add credit/debit cards info, please click on the "Add a new card" button. The dialog to Add credit/debit cards will show, after entering all information, please click on the Confirm button.

    Creditcard 1

  • Pay via domestic bank: Only applicable for users from Vietnam or having Vietnamese bank account.

    Payment 3

    • On the right is the Transfer information, with the instruction for customers to make the payment, such as:
      "Please make a wire transfer to one of the following bank accounts. Note: Please fill correct transaction code for your order (For example: WS001) so we can proceed your order correctly.
      After you transfered, choose "Transferred". Our system will automatically check your order. It usually takes 5 minutes to upgrade your plan.
      Tips: Using "24/7 transfer" via NAPAS feature shall provide best results. Normal transaction may take up to 3 days to proceed. In case of necessity, please contact us to get support for your order."
    • Customers can choose one of these two banks to make payment with, then click on "Confirm" (for Buy more scan) or "Upgrade" (for Upgrade Package). The detailed transfer information will display:
      • BIDV - Ngân hàng Thương mại cổ phần Đầu tư và Phát triển Việt Nam:
        Account Branch: CN Từ Liêm.
        Account holder: NGUYEN HUU TRUNG
        Account number: 21710000278134
        Amount: (the total amount for the Order)
        Content: (Transfer content, please enter this correctly when making transfer)

        Bank Account 1

      • VCB - Ngân hàng thương mại cổ phần Ngoại thương Việt Nam:
        Account Branch: CN Thanh Xuân.
        Account holder: NGUYEN HUU TRUNG
        Account number: 1021423731
        Amount: (the total amount for the Order)
        Content: (Transfer content, please enter this correctly when making transfer)

        Bank Account 2

After successfully transferred, please click on the "I've transferred" and wait for the platform to process the confirmation.

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