Vulnerabilities list

Click on the Vulnerabilities tab to access the Vulnerabilities Management.

Vulnerabilities Management

Vulnerabilities Status


Found vulnerabilities are categorized based on their current status as following:

  • Open: Discovered but unresolved vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed: Vulnerabilities that have been fixed.
  • False Positive: Cases are evaluated as false positives.
  • Won't fix: Vulnerabilities detected but customers decide not to fix.

Vulnerabilities Properties


In each Status tab, found vulnerabilities will be shown with information such as:

  • Severity
  • Name: e.g. Cross site scripting, or CVE-2020-3452, etc.
  • Locaion: e.g.
  • Last detected
  • First detected
  • Status: where you can click on to change the status of a vulnerability.
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